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Vitiligo Treatment

What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo Vitilox Treatment Results
Vitiligo is a genetic and autoimmune skin disorder which causes the skin loses its natural colour. 

The loss of skin colour is due to a lack of pigmentation and manifests as white spots on skin.

The skin problem can develop from any age, but is more prevalent in the 17 – 45 year age groups. People suffering with the condition develop irregularly shaped white patches on different areas of the body. 

Normally first discovered on the face, hands, thighs, or chest area.

In some cases Vitiligo can change the colour of  hair and also causes white spots or patches to appear inside the mouth or on the inner lip area.

Effective Treatment

Vitilox Products have been described as the most advanced and effective range of treatments available for the recovery of your natural skin pigment. Our revolutionary Vitilox Vitiligo Pigmentation Cream is applied to affected areas of the skin. It is quickly absorbed and penetrates deep down to stimulate the production of melanocyte cells which enable the production of new melanin/skin pigmentation to restore your natural skin tone.
Before treating Vitiligo
Before Treatment
During Treatment for Vitligo Step 2
During Effective Treatment
After successful treatment of Vitiligo
After Successful Treatment
Vitilox Vitiligo Vitamins are normally used in conjunction with the cream, and help to stop Vitiligo. In the initial skin care treatment they slow down and prevent the further spread by lowering oxidative stress on the cells while pigmentation is being restored. This is the first step in finding a cure.

Our ‘Combo Pack’ which includes the Pigmentation Cream & Vitamins is highly recommended for treating the condition successfully. Our Vitilox products are clinically tested and safe. Once your natural skin tone has been achieved, the results are permanent.
vitilox products can effectively treat vitiligo
We offer professional advice and consultations on pigment related skin problems. Our trained consultants are able to evaluate your skin problem, and advise you on the best suited products and treatment methods to help best restore your natural pigmentation.
We're ready to answer any question about Vitiligo
We also provide clinically proven products to successfully treat your condition and white spots on your skin. Our Vitilox Products together with our professional consultants and after sales Treatment Support have contributed to our international success and rapid growth.
A full range of products to effectively treat Vitiligo
Vitilox Products have been described as the most advanced and effective range of products available for the recovery of your own natural skin pigmentation. Our Research facilities are continually striving to procure the most cost effective and personalized solutions for all sufferers.
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Take a look at the full range of Vitilox Products
Vitilox Product Range
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